Ongoing Public Service Announcement Campaigns

Rational Animal, working for the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, has produced two series of public service announcements for TV broadcast. These professional quality spots brought humor to the serious issue of adoption and spay and neuter and included the participation of several celebrities who donated their time for animal voice-overs. Voices included are singer/songwriter Nellie McKay, Paul Liberti (Blues Clues) and Graeme Malcolm (Equus) and included a guest appearance by Bernadette Peter's rescued pitbull. The spots were so well received they ran on NY1-News, WABC-TV, WNYC and Channel 55 for several years each and were distributed to several major cities around the country for use in local communities. We have also produced four poster series, one series for the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals featuring local people from Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx with their dogs and cats, to promote spay and neuter; and three poster series which promoted adoption and supporting our Mother's Comfort Project. All of these posters were seen across New York City on phone and bus kiosks. See our other campaigns that help at-risk animals. Please help by volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation.