Gimmie Shelter: Rock n’ Rescue NYC

Rational Animal is the ultimate do-it-yourself organization, coming up with new ideas to get people involved in helping animals. Since our inception in 2002 we’ve had that mental kinship with rockers who follow their art and passion.

In 2003 Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and the Buzzcocks invited Rational Animal to sell our cool Pearl Jam/rescued dog-inspired T-shirts at their Madison Square Garden concert July 2003. Then Adrock of the Beastie Boys invited us to handout orange ribbons and shelter maps at their Nassau Colliseum concert in 2004. In 2005 we started creating our own fundraising concerts in New York City. With Debbie Harry as our honorary chair and the Beastie Boys playing a full set, we knew we were on to something. Gimme Shelter: Rock & Rescue NYC was created as a way to celebrate the efforts of New Yorkers who help the thousands of wonderful animals who are abandoned at city shelters and face euthanasia due to lack of space and too many litters. We’ve raised funds for over 30 rescue organizations that are working toward the goal proclaimed by Mayor Bloomberg of ending euthanasia in city shelters by 2015. Past Gimme Shelter concert performers have included Marshall Crenshaw, Nellie McKay, and members of Blue Oyster Cult, the Buzzcocks and the Dictators. Guest emcees included May Pang and Michael Showalter. The 2008 Concert featured Debbie Harry, Earl Greyhound, Lissy Trullie, Adam Green, GoonSquad, Bloody Social, Jesse Malin, Moby, and DJ JD Samson. Gina Gershon and Adrock guest hosted.

See our other campaigns that help at-risk animals. Please help by volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation.