Prevent Dog Stealing Campaign

Dog Stealing Happens, You can help prevent it. Protect your best friend! Never tie your dog outside of a store and leave unattended.
Dog theft has increased over 650% from 2008 to 2016*. This statistic is based on reported dog thefts — many thefts go unreported.In New York City, dogs left tethered but unattended are particularly vulnerable. Rational Animal has created a campaign to increase awareness about dog stealing and how we can work together to protect our dogs. Small and large dogs are at-risk: The top 5 breeds stolen: Pit Bulls, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Labradors, and French Bulldogs.

Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe

 • Never leave your dog where you can't see him/her. It can take only a few seconds to steal a dog.

• Ask a friend to watch your dog while you go into a store that doesn't allow dogs.

• Choose dog friendly locations to patronize while out with your dog.

• Microchip your dog. If you dog were to be stolen, a microchip registered to you will ensure increased chances of finding your dog if they are stolen and resold. Vets can scan the microchip and contact you.

Remind people of the dog stealing issue by —

• Sharing our latest PSA online (shown above) to remind people about the dangers of leaving their dogs tied up.
• Contact your local TV channel and ask them to broadcast our PSA to prevent dog stealing. Please contact us for more information at [email protected]. Use our Prevent Dog Stealing Advocacy Flyers that can be downloaded on StoreEnvy. Use #Preventdogstealing to post tips and ways to help.

Help Us Prevent Dog Stealing in New York City

Purchase tags to spread the word about dog stealing in New York City.