Orange Ribbon for Animals

October 10th is Orange Ribbon for Animals Day!

Registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the Orange Ribbon for Animals is the official awareness ribbon for at-risk animals in the United States. We also are glad to see groups outside of the US embracing the Orange Ribbon for Animals. Also referred to as the Animal Guardian Ribbon, it represents support for animals who suffer from neglect, abuse and those whose lives are well-being are in jeopardy.

If you want to use the orange ribbon for your at-risk animals campaigns, please register with us by emailing and including campaign description.

Technically no other cause may use this ribbon for their campaigns in the United States.


Animal Guardian campaign

This a part of the Orange Ribbon for Animals awareness campaign. Being an animal guardian and advocating for guardianship, not ownership, of companion animals is all part of this effort to change the common perspective of animals as property or unfeeling objects to revering animals as emotional creatures that need humans to protect them and in cases of household pets, be their guardian for their entire lives.

Each year we award a business the Orange Ribbon Animal Guardian Award for stewardship of at-risk animals. The award was given to the Soho Grand Hotel in 2014 in recognition of their work to support local animal charities by offering premium spaces for fundraising, as well as their overall animal friendly policies and spacious outdoor dog park that encourage travelers to bring their pets with them.

Rational Animal is dedicated to helping people help animals and take the best care of companion animals in their family and household. You can be an Animal Guardian too!  Just remember Save, Care, and Love.

SAVE lives by adopting from animal shelters and rescue organizations.

CARE for animals by spaying and neutering, which also prevents homeless and unwanted animal populations.

LOVE and protect your animals for their entire lifetime.

See our other campaigns that help at-risk animals. Please help by volunteering or making a tax-deductible donation.

Get Your Orange Ribbon Swag here

Head over to our store to order a number of Orange Ribbon swag to show your support:

  • Order an Animal Guardian pin today or pick up one for a great Animal Guardian that you know!
  • We also have orange ribbons in our custom-designed matchbox covers, which include a message about adoption and not supporting puppy mills.
  • We also have car magnets now!  You can order these as well from our store.

Give us a call to learn about volunteer opportunities!



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